Interpreting Lab Vendors at BETT 2009

artec_main_bett2009.AVI (big, and you can find help here on How to play videos) is a quick-and-dirty video I shot during my visit to the ARTEC/TELEVIC booth at the British Educational Technology Tradeshow (BETT) 2009 in London 16/01/2009.

ARTEC demonstrated certain lab features (they had a live setup of a teacher and a number of student computers) for face-to-face teaching.

They also tried to show off a web-based add-on for self-access interpreting practice which you better try out yourself here, then browse to Demo edumatic online / demo online / audio/video comparative / comparative recording : an online dual band recorder.

If I have time, I will post an outline of this video here. In the meantime, you can add points you find notable to the comments below.

I also visited the booth of CONNECTED (SONY VIRTUOSO – they have their own WMV Demo Video ) and SANAKO (I put the CD-Rom in a SkyDrive folder sanako for the Interpreting-Group).

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