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Step-by-step for using Windows Task scheduler, e.g. for automating language lab assessment emailing

  1. Press + R, type “Taskschd.msc”, press “OK”.
  2. On right menu, click “Create Task". To provide students with their assessments and possibly instructor feedback quicker, I run the LangLabEmailer repeatedly after end of business day. I show some settings that you can experiment with.
  3. On tab: “general”, name your task:
    1. clip_image001
  4. Tab: Actions, button:new / window:new action, button:browse, desktop/LangLabEmailer , button:open
    1. clip_image002
    2. clip_image003
    3. clip_image004
  5. Next up: tab:“Trigger”, where you can set your schedule:
    1.  clip_image006
  6.   Finally, access additional (tab:)“Settings”:
    1. clip_image007
  7. Result: image
  8. I advise setting the scheduler to end a prior task if it is found still running.
  9. The above example is using an old ClickOnce distribution of the langlabEmailer– your installation executable will differ and look similar to this: image_thumb1
  10. Troubleshooting:
    1. When a scheduled task fails, an entry gets written to the event log here: Press + R, type “eventvwr.msc”, press “OK: Application and Services Logs /Microsoft /Windows /Task Scheduler /Operational:
      1. image
    2. Watch out for permission problems, tasks that have not been enabled, and disabled task histories (for troubleshooting).
    3. You might also want to dig deeper and schedule a task to alert your when your scheduled tasks failed.