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How to use your office computer in the classroom


  • Click , click , type “mstsc”, click .
  • In the field of the upcoming window, enter your office computer’s IP number (you have to do this only once, the teacher computer will remember the number).
  • This will connect you to your office PC, and if you run mstsc (Microsoft Terminal Services Client) in full-screen, it appears pretty much like working on your office computer.
  • To find out your office IP number, on your office pc, Click , click , type “cmd”, click . cmd. On the command line, type “ipconfig”, your “IP address” appears .
  • Problems? Tell OTS with a link to this post.


  • use your local configuration with which you are most familiar also in class (e.g. US-international keyboard);
  • prepare windows for classes in your office at leisure (windows will show in the state you left them in the office), saving class time;
  • use the computer in class more, saving class time.


  • does not work well with multimedia. Workaround: switch mstsc to window mode and play multimedia from the  local desktop of the classroom PC:
  • make sure you do not have any windows open in the office which you do not want to display in the classroom
  • set your online status to “busy” in Office Communicator and other instant messaging applications, or else others might send disrupting text message pop-ups while you teach
  • possible screen size incompatibilities (mstsc can automatically accommodate for differences, within limits)
  • always test before going live.