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Interpreting against audio files sources with live feedback in Sanako Study 1200

  1. How will we be recording
    1. Individual recording
      1. Voice insert: student control how much time they have interpreting
        1. students can stop the source where they want, they can rewind and review the source, they can overwrite their initial interpretation, they can interpret at the speed they want.
        2. We could insert cues at sentence ends in the source; and also (but little need,) slow the source down or insert pauses
      2. Student track
        1. students have to follow along at the speed of the source can stop the source where they want, they can rewind and review the source;  they can with some difficulty overwrite their initial interpretation/
        2. More difficult: We likely should slow the source down or insert pauses
    2. Model imitation: like an exam,
      1. students all speak in parallel, without individual control
      2. Most difficult: We most likely need to slow the source audio down, including inserting pauses as "breathers")
  2. What audio track will we be collecting?
    1. If student saves manually, student can save either or both tracks , but need to be taught.
    2. If model imitation, we collect only student recording.
    3. If lock player/collect buffer, we collect both source and student track
    4. Listener can focus on one track by controlling the balance during playback: https://thomasplagwitz.com/2014/03/31/how-to-manage-balance-on-stereo-audio-using-audacity-sanako-student-recorder-or-any-audio-player-on-windows/
    5. Listener can also split the audio tracks (= delete the source track),
      1. more easily (file / save as) in the sanako recorder
      2. More
  3. Teacher listening in
    1. Is always possible,
      1. just click the student icon in the classroom layout
      2. or use screen control / autoscan: the audio switches with the screen, this has a bit of overhead, and our computers are network are not the fastest, but we made some changes to optimize speed; best reserved for when you also need to see the student’s screen.
  4. Teacher speaking: Teacher providing on-the-fly feedback via "Discuss":
    1. Playlist Launch and open (goo.gl/2awRG/): then you can stop each individual student (students do not work in sync, remote-controlled) .
    2. Model imitation (goo.gl/ZL7DG/) : then you cannot talk to one (all students record in sync).
    3. Teacher providing non-live feedback :
      1. Teacher can provide aural feedback later when grading the student submissions from your office pc:
        1. How a teacher can use Sanako voice insert to easily add spoken comments to students’ Sanako oral proficiency exams- step–by step
        2. We recorded here how it is being done for Business Spanish: Protected: How a teacher can give students aural feedback on oral exams using the Sanako Study 1200 Lite Recorder
        3. For that voice-insert, you need to install the Sanako Recorder on your office PC.
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