How to save your MS-Office files on SkyDrive

  1. Having to work on important documents from different locations – including office, classroom, and home – and getting tired of  lugging thumb drives around (or worried about losing or inadvertently destroying them)?
  2. image
  3. Use your university email and your password from last June (this one does not get force-updated every 90 days any more, you can manage it yourself).
  4. Upload your important files: image
  5. Drag and drop, e.g. a PowerPoint file: image
  6. image
  7. Click the file  – e.g. a Word file – to view it in your web browser.
  8. To edit the file , while viewing, click top menu: “Edit document”. Choose between  editing it in the browser (has still some  – ever fewer – limitations for complex documents) image
  9. You will have to log in again (on a non-shared computer I prefer to choose to be “signed in automatically”). image
  10. You have to click “Enable Editing” again, but then you are in your familiar MS-Word environment.
  11. image
  12. No need to re-upload the file: Save and close your file, when you open it again in the web browser, it got synched automatically: image
  13. To keep an additional local file backup, use the free MS-SkyDrive App which sets up a local copy of your MS-SkyDrive cloud storage – useful when you have to work offline (e.g. I used to travel every weekend on a plane, but needed to make good use of my travel time).
  14. Troubleshooting: If you run into problems, the first thing to try usually is a different web browser.
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