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Finding a balance between speed of log-in and readiness on help desk computers

  1. Problem:
    1. The LRC reception desk has 3 computers, each with 2 screens, one client-facing,  that, when not shared during collaboration for clerical tasks, display (LRC assistants have been instructed which screen has to show which information) LRC-related information (LRC calendar, home page with news and FAQs, slide show with signs).
    2. However, when a teacher was bringing student to Spanish tutor after tutoring hours, I  noticed,  that no LRC calendar was visible at reception desk (SAFARI on rightmost computer), nor could be loaded easily.
    3. Upon my asking, LRC assistant reported, Firefox never comes up correctly on her computer.
    4. What I could observe: Firefox came up with 2 windows w/o preconfigured tabs. image
    5. Safari came  up with 2 windows , also empty.image
  2. Root cause:
    1. It turned out that other students did not have this issue when logging in on the computers.
    2. It also turned out that the offending student’s profile had been frozen prematurely (in an obsolete state not incorporating changes we had to do during the term to maintain functionality of the reception desk computers in a changing campus IT environment).

  3. Workaround: Unfreeze the computer, delete the prematurely frozen profiles, have the student log in to recreate it using current default user settings, freeze the computer, to make the computer, 3 weeks before classes end…
  4. Solution: not sure I have one.
    1. Trying to have everything set up stably at term start is not the solution, but the problem.
    2. How can agility be increased?
      1. LRC assistants need to report problems. They may need better training to be aware of problems, and need an incentive to report problems, and a culture where reporting problems is not considered a problem in itself, but an achievement.
      2. The LRC lost its Symantec-Ghost imaging infrastructure which it could not only use for the lab PCs, but also to maintain 3 identical computers at its reception desk. This requirement for imaging was not considered during the recent upgrade of the labs imaging infrastructure, and we do not know how to get this capability back.
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