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Best way I found to merge WordPress.com tags


I am talking about merging spurious variant tags into one canonical form. This is a workaround for the fact that you cannot just update when the update could require wordpress.com to merge the article set form the old tag into an existing article set under the new tag. The work around involves accessing  the spurious tags from the admin / tags interface (window on the right); then opening the "posts" for each spurious tag in a new window. In the posts window to the left, do the "quick edit". I tried saving myself some deleting in the left window by, after opening the left window, deleting the tag in the right window; but the old tag has already been preloaded for the Quick edit into the left window . Well, Quick edit makes it pretty painless. Is a global search/replace for wordpress.com conceivable? Warning: Don’t hit "Edit" after deleting  the tag and try to go back – you will have to hunt for your posts manually.

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