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How to check for “lost trust” issues on LRC PCs before classes

  1. We experience computers that fail allowing students to log in, thus disrupting face-to-face classes in the LRC.
    1. We have found no diagnostic tool working, other than attempting to log into the machine.
    2. Current workaround is manually removing and adding them back to the domain, when students experience login issues – which is time consuming, certainly too time-consuming during classes.
  2. Suggested workaround Checklist, to be run before any class in the LRC (check calendar):
    1. Student staff
      1. logs in on each individual computer and notes failures (
      2. this could be accelerated by using mstsc, especially with remote desktop connection manager and lrc.rdg) on the reception desk computers
      3. do we have automated (scriptable) login options?
    2. Coordinator
      1. from Deepfreeze-console, unfreezes computers in question
      2. from Symantec Ghost Console image
        1. puts computers in question into domain-issues folder
        2. runs tasks against this folder
          1. “remove from domain”
          2. “add to Domain&AD”
      3. from Deepfreeze-console, freezes computers in question
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