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How to install the Sanako Lite Recorder without it auto-starting and auto-restarting

  1. Problem:
    1. For a personal installation, but especially for a faculty-wide deploy, the default installation of the Sanako Lite Recorder seems to have too much of a footprint: Sanako Lite Recorder not only auto-starts (see e.g. the student icon in the notification area) with Windows, but also auto-restarts when exited –
    2. a useful feature of the classroom recorder from which the standalone recorder is derived, but not so much for a standalone recorder rollout. The feature is achieved by installing a  service (helper.exe) that itself is during installation set to SERVICE_AUTO_START (0x00000002).
    3. This  architecture also makes the installation option to “associate media files” with the Sanako Lite Recorder too greedy, even though it could be useful during the actual work of faculty with the Recorder.
  2. Workaround (for either manual reconfiguration after the install or to be integrated into the automated deployment):
    1. Can one set the underlying helper.exe service that gets installed during the Sanako Lite install to SERVICE_DEMAND_START (0x00000003)? Not tested. At best, this would help between computer restarts, but not when a teacher is done with editing the study recorder and tries to exit it (helper.exe, if itself started, will restarts the student.exe).
    2. Can one entirely disable  this helper.exe service  from services.msc, will the recorder still start? Testing with starting the student.exe and playing audio files did work. So one should try also during a deploy, use value SERVICE_DISABLED (0x00000004) for keys HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Sanako Helper\Start (and, in case something goes wrong later: HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Sanako Helper\Start).
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