How to use MS-Skydrive with your university account here

  1. One of the benefits of live@edu is institutional access to file storage space in the cloud. You need not set anything up for that. Just go to and log in with (1) your university account, here is what you get: Screenshot - 11_29_2012 , 5_01_18 PM
  2. You can create (or upload) folders and files (this one is from a long time ago, since I briefly could log in when live@edu was first introduced. Students always could log in).
  3. 7 GB of free space in the cloud should be plenty, including
    1. for teachers looking for a convenient way to bring files to the classroom beyond the limitations of the H: –drive “ My documents”
    2. for film students misplacing they backup hardware. No more hogging of checked out cameras just since you did not bring your portable hard drive. Just upload your clips to, access them from home.
  4. If you install the optional free Skydrive app (available ofr Windows Vista and up and MacOS X.7)
    1. the file size limit is expanded from 100MB to 2GB.
    2. files can be automatically synchronized between your classroom and home computer.
  5. To access files on classroom computers without the skydrive app, just use
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