How to easily upload, distribute, share and play large multimedia files with Google Apps

  1. Tired of burning, lugging around, inserting, ejecting, or forgetting, losing, scratching and replacing CD- and DVD- media, or hard- and thumb drives to handle your large multimedia files? Do you have internet and web browser where you need to access and play your files? Then you can use UNCC Google Apps  instead.
  2. Go to your UNCC Google Apps (you have to log into UNC)
  3. Click on the Hard-drive-icon in the upper left uploadand on “files”, select a video file:
      1. upload-file-dialogue (many formats and underlying codecs supported, including Flash, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPG. File size limits: currently “every user is given 1GB of free storage space for files” (not enough for much HD footage, but difficult to upload, and didn’t Google Drive just increase this limit to 5GB, or does this not carry over to Google Apps? Stay tuned for updates), click “Start upload”..
  4. Wait until upload is finished, upload-progress and then, depending:
    1. if you want to share the file with colleagues, click on “share” (appears after “cancel”) and fill out the dialogue. You can share your file both
      1. inside the university community and share
    2. outside of the university community: share-outsideshare-outside1
    3. if you want to share the files with students in your course, there is a better way using Moodle Kaltura video upload;
    4. if you just want to play the file yourself (including to your students in the classroom), you are already done.
    5. Go to your files playand click on the file in the list to play the video: play1
    6. Also, you can always “get your file back” by “Download”: download (and note you can also prevent users from downloading the files. This is useful if you only want to temporarily share it, but later revoke permissions).
  5. More help is available from the  from the  source
    1. How save files to your Google Docs
    2. How to play back video files in Google Docs
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