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How to load the university Drupal calendars into your favorite calendar application

  1. If you go to our university calendar webpages, you may see
    1. provost-calendar-in-webbrowser
    2. a top menu allowing you to select either Year,Month,Week, or Day
    3. a bottom right corner calendar icon (why not the well established ics icon?) which, changing with the view you selected, points to the same (directory) link as the views, but resolves to an ICS file when clicked in your browser
    4. The default action on click is an open/save option: either way, AFAIK, you will download and point your desktop calendar application (e.g. MS-Outlook) to this file. Even if you do this only per year, this is not only tedious, but the hope that nothing will change in the course of things seems futile.
  2. The best way  that I have found to make this a live calendar subscription is this: in your ICS-compatible calendar application, where it asks you for the calendar URL, load one of the links provided under the calendar icon, e.g. that for the year. But before clicking “OK”, remove anything (= any filter) after “ical” portion of the link.
  3. In MS-Outlook, this procedure looks like this: ooutlook calendar add  ooutlook calendar add url, and the result looks like this: provost-in-outlook 
  4. If you open the downloadable ICS, an open it (mental note: are there other iCAL readers to examine the data, short of loading the calendar into your desktop, phone or cloud calendar software?) you will notice that these calendars are a Drupal-based offering: “PRODID:-//Drupal iCal API//EN”
  5. Sample Links
    1. Calendar examples for your web browser: http://provost.uncc.edu/calendarhttp://registrar.uncc.edu/calendar
    2. Calendar year ICS examples for your calendar reader: http://provost.uncc.edu/calendar/ical/2012, http://registrar.uncc.edu/calendar/ical/2012
    3. The provost’s calendar includes the registrar’s calendar: Administrative and Academic. the color-coding will be lost in translation when loading via ICS. I have not found a way to load the Administrative calendar separately, to use my calendar application to manage the coloring. 
    4. Are there more calendar pages that are of general interest?
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