Supporting Swahili – A running log

  1. Learned today that we will begin offering Swahili in the Fall. Here is the place to plan how the LRC can better support it.
  2. For starters, I am thinking of adding to the list of our custom configured languages for
  3. Windows 7
  4. Office 2010
  5. Learning materials?
    1. Existing?
      1. FSI, naturally.
    2. There should be more need for producing learning materials in this LCTL.
      1. automated?
        1. Note that the Stuttgart TreeTagger has a Swahili parameter file (gzip compressed, Latin1). The Swahili parameter file was trained on the Helsinki Corpus of Swahili (HCS) and uses a simplified version of the HCS tagset. The HCS was created by Prof. Arvi Hurskainen by means of his Swahili Language Manager (SALAMA) which uses Lingsoft’s TWOL compiler for constructing morphological analysers and Connexor’s CG2 parser for syntactic disambiguation.
  6. Keep an eye on the Swahili Category.
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