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How to stay up to date by receiving RSS like email newsletters in MS-Outlook

  1. Why subscribe?
    1. RSS is a great way to get your information both fast and filtered.
    2. For advanced filtering of RSS feeds, try Yahoo Pipes.
    3. However, WordPress makes this even easier by allowing for a wealth of atomic searching and filtering options. Choosing the right template (and content strategy), if you click on any of the linked items in either the category list or tag cloud on WordPress,
    4. wordpress-category-listwordpress-tag-cloud
    5. the resulting page will include an RSS link wordpress-rss-link, or simply add “/feed” to the URL of your category, tag or even search result page, to get a feed  that you can subscribe to.
  2. How to subscribe?
    1. MS-Outlookmakes subscribing to RSS more convenient since you do not need to go to a separate application like an RSS-Reader. Read your RSS with your email, think of the RSS feed as an email list, but personalized to your interests.
      1. You can subscribe to the “RSS feed” link like so: outlook how to subscribe to an rrs feed
      2. For historical reasons, I still use Google Reader, but I rely on Outlook’s advanced automated content download (including full text posts and multimedia attachments) and well-understood archiving, search and export features to not miss podcasts which I want to collect for potential use as teaching content: rss-outlook-feed When Outlook fails, as with some RSS formats, you can still try and resort to the Internet Explorer Feed store: rss-internet-explorer-feed
    2. If you use OWA: you can read feeds, but not add them through the OWA interface. If you are staff, you can still add them in Outlook first. If you are a student and restricted to NINERMAIL, you need to use a different feed reader. I recommend the free web-based Google Reader.
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