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How to poll for the best meeting time using Meeting Requests

  1. Please also see the follow-up user-perspective video here: How to respond to a poll for the best meeting time using Meeting Requests.
  2. A traditional issue around the LRC is getting busy teachers to agree on a common workshop time. Ideally, the scheduling assistant would automate this by allowing you to see the common free time slot in their busy timelines. However, this requires that the university calendaring system has already been widely adopted. In the meantime, meeting requests can still greatly facilitate finding this most common free time, by serving as a poll.
  3. To find the most popular time slot, send a number of alternative meeting requests with the instruction:  “If interested in the workshop, please accept those times during which you could attend. I will only not cancel the most popular meeting time”.  (Make sure that respondents know that they can “Edit response before sending” to include a message, or else this will skew the tally).
  4. At the end, you can easily tally the response in your calendar, and, as the meeting organizer, cancel the unpopular ones:
  5. meeting-request-tally3 meeting-request-tally2 meeting-request-tally1
  6. And you can spare everybody one final summary email: “ Mark your calendars!” . The interested parties’ calendar has already be marked. Smile

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