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LRC Renovation Proposal: Add small group collaboration spaces by consolidating equipment storage and circulation

  1. Objective:
    1. to support new requirements in LCS
      1. increased and further increasing 1-on-1 tutoring and small group collaboration spaces for the (current) hybrid Spanish program and  tele-taught LCTL (imminent: Hindi) programs,
      2. collaborative presentation and multimedia (e.g. ePortfolio projects) in other languages,
      3. circulation of multimedia equipment to teachers and students
    2. with
      1. small group work spaces
      2. which we free up by streamlining the workflow (cope with higher traffic, keep accurate records, monitor repair state  and provide hands-on instructions) for the increased tech equipment circulation needs (and to make up for one lost office)
  2. Action proposed:
    1. centralize circulation desk & materials in COED436, with storage, student assistants, supervisor in fishbowl, and walkup circulation counter;
    2. equip the freed-up spaces 431,433&435a/b with furniture (portable walls, seats,desks,insulation) and technology (power, internet access) for tutoring&small group work.
  3. Illustrations:
    1. inspiration from other institutions:
      1. Shared computer screen small group collaboration spaces
        1. UNCC Atkins library installation by TBA: We would need better sound insulation to accommodate multiple tutors and groups for currently 12 languages taught:uncc atkins-library-shared computer atkins-library-groupworkspaceCIMG0006CIMG0008
        2. Rhodes College. We would prefer booths with tables (for laptops, notebooks) to easy chairs.rhodes-college-small-group-screen-sharing-CIMG2049
        3. Computer science collaboration spaces, Durham University, UK. For foreign language exchanges, we would want better sound proofing:durham-university-bristol-conference-2008-BILD1393durham-university-bristol-conference-2008-BILD1394shared_screen
        4. Rhodes College. whiteboard writable walls would be excellent space savers for small group workspaces: college-wall-doubles-as-whiteboard-CIMG2023 Stitch
        5. The Atkins library videoconferencing facility: For small groups in (many different) LCTL, one would better set up a more intimate facility with better audio, possibly with facilities for directed audio channels and possibly breakout groups which are a requirement for SLA classes.  tele-teaching-atkins-143
        6. Loyola University language resource center library walkup counter with one computer shared between staff and client (the LRC would want 2 computers, to serve 2 lines)sample-language-center-walkup-counter-PICT0007
    2. to document our current facilities:
      1. To the right: Coed 434 (large classroom). To the left: Coed433 (reception area part which should be converted into 2-3 small group workspaces:
        1. coed433-CIMG0001 Stitch
        2. coed433-CIMG0016 (2) Stitch
        3. coed434-coed433-partial-IMAG0113 Stitch (7000x1468)
      2. Rooms to be converted into small group workspaces:
        1. Storage Coed435a, to become teleconferencing or pair workspace:coed435a-CIMG0058 Stitch
        2. Storage Coed4355b, to become teleconferencing or pair workspace:coed435b
        3. Storage Coed431, to become small group workspace:coed431-CIMG0038 -Stitch
        4. Coed436, to become consolidated storage area and office: coed436rear
        5. lrc-coed436
        6. Or use this as a stopgap:
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