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QuickNotes: For ELTI 201/202/501 Student Recordings with Sanako Study1200

  1. This is 20 students class doing a model imitation for English phonetics and grammar – use right half of classroom plus 2 rightmost columns of left half.
  2. Have a couple of spare student computers logged in as labadmn (not  as presenter: has no permissions to s-drive to  save recordings) for emergencies.
  3. Your students will log in, then take their break. Wait until entire class shows up in the Sanako Classroom layout. Then you can lock their keyboard and mouse  – but remember when computers go into locked mode, Sanako cannot control them
  4. See http://plagwitz.org, upper right corner “Quick links” for the path to copy/paste. Or, on the  teacher computer in LRC 434, in folder C:\Temp, you can find a shortcut to the Sanako folders
    1. “media” with teacher audio (to be prepared with pauses and beeps once it has been recorded and sent; you can easily prepare it yourself: download and view how with Windows Media Player);
    2. “student” with student recordings
  5. You can download and view with Windows Media Player the (unedited) screencast of our summative walkthrough here.
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