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How to design a classroom layout in Sony Virtuoso, and reflect it in the Sony Soloist

Teachers using a fully computerized classroom –  as well as the installed language learning software itself (which, once set up, will help further by displaying the names of the students logged in on the student computers), – need to have an easy way to identify and address individual student computers.

Sony Virtuoso/Soloist, like the Sanako Lab 300, use an identification scheme which based on manual numberin of te student computers.

This requires the administrator to manually make a configuration change on each student computer when the software is first installed (and whenever the classroom is reimaged with upgrades).

Newer classroom mangement and langauge learning systems like NetOp SChool or Sanako Study can autonumber and –identify connected student computers.

To set up the student computers, start the Soloist from the desktop icon.

Press ctrl – shift –f10 to access the configuration dialogues. On tab: teacher control, sony-soloist-seat-number

in the text input field Seat number highlighted red above, put the number that corresponds to the attached seating map below.


NOTE: the seats in the center bottom forming a dent in the layout are intentionally left blank for he presenter computer and PC32.

The square in the upper right are the leftmost (teacher perspective) computers in our main lab – they would not fit better into the lab layout grid of the Sony Virtuoso Apprentice (higher versions have more flexible layout grids, I hear).

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