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Improved Lighting situation in the LRC

  1. The lighting situation in the LRC caused problem both when using the teacher computer and when showing videos.
  2. We removed the fluorescent tubes right above the teacher screen. You can get an idea how strong the glare from the ceiling lights was from the next picture:
  3. CIMG0005
  4. The teacher screen which was flickering has been replaced.
  5. By clicking on the button”menu on the Sympodium screen of the teacher computer, you can adjust the screen more to your liking. While not an optimum display setting, under the current ambient light circumstances, we found it an improvement to the brightness and also the contrast.
  6. lrc-lighting (2)
  7. You can also adjust the projector by accessing the projector menu from the NEC remote control.
  8. lrc-lighting (5)
  9. Note that increasing the projector brightness will  lower the life-span of the expensive projector bulbs.
  10. image
  11. Note that the menu also contains presets for displaying video, computer and other sources. image
  12. Presentation …… Recommended for presentations from a computer.
    Video …………….. Recommended for standard video such as a TV program.
    Movie ……………. Recommended for film based video such as a movie (DVD or HDTV).
  13. Finally, we made sure that the blinds cannot be raised, just tilted, to make it easier and quicker to darken the room as much as possible.
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