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How to workaround AntWordProfiler error “Cannot open the file”

  1. Seems a little bug in this otherwise great program. I started getting this on Windows 7 64-bit with
  2. clip_image003for all files, no matter which size.
  3.   It occurred to me to go to menu: Settings/ global settings / file settings / show full pathnames
  4. Here is what you see: Note the duplicate path to the file.
  5. clip_image001
  6. How did I get there? Seems like you cannot take my usual preferred shortcut and paste the full file path into the browse dialogue.
  7. If I browse to the file and select, the same botched up double path does not appear:
  8. clip_image002
  9. I can then process the file fine. image

DeReWo German Word Frequency Lists

Frequency-based word (lemma and forms) lists and instructions are based on the Deutsche Referenzkorpus DeReKo of the IDS (Institut für deutsche Sprache).

If you are not bound by a textbooEditk:

  1. Frequency level  1-9 contain the 550 most frequent words = 1st term?
  2. Frequency level 1-10 = about 1200 words = 1st year?

An online spreadsheet of the 40k list of 2009 with frequency level comparison and English-German dictionary links is here and partially embedded below.

American National Corpus English Word Frequency Lists

The American National Corpus list is long (~300k) and  lemmatized: