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Bad audio quality in Moodle Kaltura recordings on iMacs under ambient sound conditions. A running log (closed)

  1. Symptom: See title.
  2. Cause: While speakers of the 3.5 mm headset take over from the iMac speakers, when plugged in, the 3.5 mm headset micro does not disable the webcam micro. The webcam micro remains the recording source for Moodle Kaltura (mac os x.6, safari 6, flash 10).
  3. Possible solutions:
      1. 1st choice: is there a way for the admin to override this permanently?
      2. 2nd choice: is there a way for the end user to override this on a case-by-case basis?
      3. "The Califone 3066AV is compatible with both Windows and Mac audio outputs (but is not compatible with iMacs)." ("The Wow starts now!").. Do we have to tie up our boom and lavalier microphones for this?
      4. Try the flash settings by right clicking in the video window, selecting the microphone icon, then choosing the external (= non-webcam) microphone for input.
      5. kaltura flash microphone settings0kaltura flash microphone settings
      6. Fail. The real culprit is the iMacs line-in audio-in for which you need a preamp to get it to work with analog microphones. Preamps seem to start at $40, but for that I can get a PC webcam (Microphone included). 

Delete the Flash Global Settings if the iMacs webcam displays black frame only

  1. Problem: Safari and (not recommended after last testing round) Firefox both hung on iMAC6 when a student tried to do a Moodle Kaltura Webcam assignment and got to the built-in ISight camera display page.
  2. Cause: maybe a Flash security problem accessing the web cam? maybe security dialogue was not answered by the student correctly earlier, and the “preference”stored in her account?
    1. Solution (presumably): System started working again after I deleted the Flash Global settings, by right-clicking on the webcam video preview window like so: CIMG0020
  3. imageimage

  4. Ceterum censeo that we need a computer management infrastructure if we want to use MACs for language learning technology. Faronics-Deepfreeze would have prevented this problem, provided we have a software imaging system (CASPER coming up apparently) that can let us start with a usable image, and the staff time to learn and configure 2 usable OS images and dual usable computer management infrastructures. TCO now > TCO dual OS infrastructure > TCO web cams for 45 PCs. 

Moodle streaming video recording assignment glitch 9

  1. Are all things Moodle Kaltura on Windows better than on iMacs?
  2. I don’t think so (Windows 7, IE9): Webcamera cannot be activated, hourglass. Looks like the Flash security dialogue does not make it into the foreground.
  3. kaltura-doesnot-see-hoursglass-cursor-windows7-ie9

Protected: Moodle streaming video recording assignment glitches 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8: A running log

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Moodle Streaming Video Recording Assignment Glitch 2

  1. environment: win xp sp3, firefox 3.6
  2. If you view the Moodle video assignment from the grade book table, inline, in Firefox 3.6, how do you close the popup window?
  3. kaltura-teacher-bug1
  4. no hovering around revelaed a close control to us, escape did not help eithe, nor the brwoser back button.
  5. workarounds:
    1. copy the url from the address bar, open a new tab, paste the url, close the old tab
    2. do not view the video in the grade book overview chart, but after opening the individual submission form the grade button.
    3. try a differnet browser than firefox. on the mac, safari solved a similar problem with firefox and kaltura. 

Moodle Streaming Video Recording Assignment Glitch

2011/07/27 1 comment

Environment: Mac OS 10.6.6, Moodle 1.9, Kaltura TBA, Firefox 3, Flash TBA.

Symptom: As pictured below, when student tries to redo a video assignment submitted previously, by pressing button “resubmit …”, Flash security window pops up, asking for her permission to access the webcam, but won’t accept any input (“pizza of death” spins).

kaltura (4)

Workaround: Use Safari instead of Firefox.

Lesson to learn: Not only, but especially with computers, be resilient (“Try something else”: modify the sequence of steps, browser version, browser make, operating system, hardware…).