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Is there a better way to do complex and/or multi-category searches against a blog but to rely on MS-Internet Explorer feed display?

2012/04/20 2 comments
  1. I am looking for posts on my blog that fall under the categories “English” (ESL teaching) and (“listening” OR “speaking-4-skills” – never mind the “-4-skills”, another oddity – you can change the slug of posts, but can you change the slug of categories and tags also?).
  2. or shorter, opened with MS-Internet Explorer’s feed display allows me to access the result of the 2 AND searches with 2 additional clicks
  3. : wordpress-multi-category-search-and-or-needs-internet-explorer-feed-display
  4. OR search works:,speaking-4-skills
  5. AND search works, so I could provide 2 separate links:
  6. But I cannot find the syntax that would give me both AND and OR against categories, for the following return nothing (what is the operator precedence of “+” and “,”)
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